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We are always updating information that occurs in the digital world in order to understand our economic market and create new ideas. Our digital world is volatile, we know of the difficulty in creating an expectation of linear progress towards the construction of new products.


Volatility creates a lot of uncertainty for decision-making, we cannot predict what will work, new startups and new ideas for products and services are emerging every day. The digital transformation is complex, involving people, culture, technologies, competitors, innovation, processes, and business.

Does your company have the answers to the questions below?

  • How many managers are being trained to work in this environment?
  • How are we going to create something different?
  • What is the capacity of your organization to adapt quickly to market changes and respond flexibly to the demands of its customers?
  • How do you measure your customers’ success?
  • What is your differential?

Through the vision and understanding of the market, we can develop simple solutions with a focus on what is really important for the business. In addition to the flexibility of adaptations, we have created a consistent culture that allows us to have business agility.

Design Sprint

Design Sprint is one of the practices we carry out with our customers, so we can create innovative products and / or services with a high rate of assertiveness for your business.

Design Sprint

DTA - Dual Track Agile

We develop digital products together with our customers, so that we can identify their needs, interview users, get feedback, conduct research, develop prototypes, validate and test new ideas even before we start the development. In this way, we reduce risks and avoid astronomical investments. In other words, we are talking about product culture and continuous improvement.

DTA - Dual Track Agile

Digital Solutions

We structure agile multidisciplinary squads that are specialized to work on projects on demand using the main technologies of the market.

New Project

New Project

We develop your project from scratch with the most current technologies and the best software development practices.



We develop new features, modules or services for your product according to your needs and we guarantee the security of your source code.

Work methodology

Work methodology

If necessary, we can adapt to your company's work methodology.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture Assessment


At South, we believe that the excellence of organizational performance is based on the continuous improvement of these four pillars, which include the practices and cultures of lean, agile and devops.

Evaluation of the flow of value delivery 4 south system pillars 4 south system pillars
Lean, Agile e DevOps



Delivering software with frequency, speed, quality, consistency, precision and reliability is the goal of every company. For this, it is necessary to remove the maximum amount of manual work, automating all stages of the software, from the installation and configuration of the infrastructure to the monitoring of the application in production, through the generation of the code, tests and publication of the software. Automation allows teams to focus their efforts on generating business value.


Telemetry, in its pure concept, is the art of measuring things. In software architecture and DevOps, we use telemetry to measure the state and health of infrastructure, systems, software components and behaviors. With this information, it is possible to implement Monitoring and Observability.


Monitoring is directly linked to Telemetry and Observability, being responsible for collecting, grouping, treating and displaying the data generated by Telemetry. Monitoring allows to identify and treat anomalies in the software with speed and assertiveness. It also allows to identify new behaviors and generate feedback for the entire software development cycle.

Immutable infrastructure

In the traditional infrastructure, we have servers that are constantly changed or updated over time, often manually, creating environments with several problems and complex to maintain. With the immutable infrastructure, the state of the servers should not change. Changes or updates should be made through the development of new environments in an automated way.


With the growth of the software, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand what happens when an action is taken due to the complexity that each software may have. In order to not be left in the dark, it is important to implement resources that collect information about the behavior that the software is having in each performed task. That is, observability is related to the ability to observe what happens.


The flow of accesses and data of the software increases with time and may have unexpected spikes. Building software and infrastructure components that can withstand this load increase without negatively affecting its performance is known as scalability. We work to develop dynamically scalable systems to support all types of loads.


Develop a software means working collaboratively between people and / or teams. We want a sustainable pace of work where we have standards, built-in quality, effective learning and autonomy.


Softawe Development

We apply the best software development practices.

Pair Programing

This practice has an extreme value for the development of the team, including:

  • dissemination of knowledge
  • trust
  • speed
  • problem reduction
Softawe Development

Code Review

Through Code Review, we strengthen the use of development standards, analyze the design of the solution, evaluate the number of tests and look for technical debits.


The design of the code is important to create solutions that scale easily, that are independent and that have a well-defined communication with other components or services.


We love to develop tests! We work with built-in software quality, that is, when the software is ready, it already includes a series of automated tests that reduce manual work and operating costs. Unit, contract, integration, interface, stress tests and much more.