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Home that looks like an office

Nothing better than personalizing your work environment. A comfortable chair, those accessories to make day-to-day easier and even colorful mugs and post-its. SOUTH offers allowances for you to choose the most suitable infrastructure for your home office.


Emotional Health

We know that the moment requires care to preserve emotional health. Therefore, our team has continuous monitoring with psychologists and mental health check-up through the Wellz. Each one in its time, anonymously and individually.



How about giving that upgrade in your professional resume? In line with our culture of constant support for the development of our team, we offer allowances for you to earn new certifications and celebrate the results with us later.




And the best is yet to come! You know that machine so powerful that it looks like it is going to take off? We have it! We make available to the entire team state-of-the-art computers, all operating system licenses and a kit with accessories and gifts.



The culture of constructive feedbacks is in our DNA. All our employees receive periodic performance assessments and have contact with the Business Partners of the People Management team. In addition, we provide outsourcing management in real time.


Financial Well-Being

To provide the South System team with a more conscious and healthy relationship with their money to achieve a stable and rewarding financial situation, both in the present and in the future. This benefit is given to all our employees through a personalized Financial Well-Being consultancy – called Recalculando – from MoneyMind.

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SOUTH Academy

South System is made by people who inspire us every day. Therefore, our main objective is aligned with the concept of making people awesome. But in practice, what does this mean? This means that we share South's knowledge with each of our employees so that everyone, together, can develop and help develop the IT communities - always inspired by our greatest purpose: to drive people to innovate the world.


In a partnership with Udemy, an EAD course platform, we offer all the available courses to our team. There are more than 4 thousand courses released to boost professional and personal development. Have you ever wondered how much knowledge you can get?

And there is more! South managers prepare special trails to train our people in several areas, such as Front-End, Back-End, UX&UI, DevOps & Architecture and Data Science & Analytics. But pay attention to the spoiler: the routes start to become more challenging – and much more exciting! – as you successfully complete the trails.


We multiply

Learn, exchange and share. For us, knowledge only makes sense when it is multiplied. Therefore, we encourage actions so that our team shares – inside and outside the company – all the knowledge offered by South System.

At the other end, we have the important role of supporting the development of the IT community through the sponsorship of lives, events, lectures and meetups held by the segment, in addition to actions open to the public. Only in this way, with empathy and responsibility, we help to change the world.


We are aware of our role in helping to make the world more human and empathetic. To facilitate the multiplication of reliable, welcoming and fair information, we encourage all company professionals to participate in a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to discuss, research and carry out actions to encourage diversity – always promoting moments for exchanges and a lot of learning.

Boost Program

You may have already noticed: the Boost Program is the South System’s eyes girl. We are proud to really help drive people to innovate the world. And that starts with the training of people, who can be young people looking for their first job or professionals who want to put themselves back into a new career. For us, there are no limits to knowledge. And that is the essence of the Boost Program – a program that seeks in society people with the will and interest to enter the incredible universe of IT.

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South Effect

The world scenario is changing and we need to take care of each other. In addition to providing the best working conditions for our employees, we broaden our attention on others. Based on suggestions from our teams, we promote social actions for institutions in the communities that welcome us.

Do you do any volunteer work or would you like to nominate an institution? When joining SOUTH, bring your suggestion.

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Now that you know a little bit about us, it is time for us to know about you too. What are your experiences, dreams and aspirations? Check out our opportunities, sign up on the website and tell us your story. In person or remotely, we guarantee a good chat and a new experience in the selection process.

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