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We exchanged Easter chocolates for donations – 3.2 tons of donated food

The world scenario is changing and we need to take care of each other. In addition to providing the best working conditions for our employees, we broaden our attention on others.

Every year we make delivery of Easter eggs close to this date, but this year the action was a little different: WE EXCHANGED EASTER CHOCOLATES FOR BASIC FOOD BASKETS FOR DONATIONS.

We bought 160 basic food baskets – with a total of 3.2 tons of food – and through the indication and vote of the South team we chose the Food Bank of RS to make donations.
If you also want to make your donation to the Food Bank, there is a website where they made the donation experience super simple. Click and check it out:
We are very grateful to our team for embracing this initiative with us!

Donation of Basic Food Baskets to Educators

On May 13rd, SOUTH SYSTEM made another donation of basic food baskets. The delivery was made to the home of 12 educators and educators at the Centro Cultural Marli Medeiros at Bom Jesus, in Porto Alegre. The place is a space for protection, development and psychomotricity for children and teenagers from 6 to 15 years old, and SOUTH has already helped this child at other times.

For those who want to follow the Center their Instagram is @servicodeconvivenciacemme
#SOUTHeffect #SOCIALactions

Warm Clothing Campaign 2020

Our SOUTH EFFECT is an initiative of the SOUTH SYSTEM team that aims to look at others and encourage actions that support the community and that warmed some people’s winter a little more. Our team donated 200 blankets, in addition to many bags of warm clothing directly to FASC, Foundation for Social Assistance and Citizenship of Porto Alegre.

We are very grateful to our colleagues who contributed to the campaign.

Children’s Day must have toys

On 2020 Children’s Day the SOUTH SYSTEM team, through its SOUTH Effect, donated more than 230 toys to the Drive Thru of the Porto Alegre City Hall that will distribute to children on the 12th!

SOUTH at McHappy Day + Childhood Cancer Institute

McHappy Day arrived and the SOUTH EFFECT acted: We reversed each response of an internal survey, done with our team, on a ticket from McHappy Day. We reached 175 donations that were donated to Ronald McDonald Institute and Childhood Cancer Institute.


At Christmas 2020, Santa Claus from SOUTH, together with the employees, decided to surprise 60 children / teenagers who attend CEA – CEMME through our SOUTH EFFECT.

Each child wrote a letter to the good old man asking for their Christmas present. Santa Claus from SOUTH SYSTEM sent the gifts and the employees answered the letters with a lot of love and affection.

Back to School Support Campaign

During a pandemic that deprived us of having physical contact with people, items in our routines had to be adapted to the current reality. We know that for children and teenagers taking distance classes can be very complicated, but the continuity of school activities is very important. Seeking to BOOST the school year, in February our #SouthEffect action was of be back to school.
The 71 children / teenagers who attend CEA – CEMME received a back-to-school kit with materials that were provided by SOUTH SYSTEM and backpacks that were donated by our employees.

What do you think of our South Effect campaigns?

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